Cirque du Soleil acquires The Works Entertainment

It’s a good day when the industrial partner you work for as part of your postdoc invests in a magic entertainment company. Sophie Haigney’s article for the New York Times reveals some of the thinking behind this acquisition. The Works Entertainment has produced shows like The Illusionists and Circus 1903, which feature a variety of magic disciplines (a comedy magician, an escape artist, a manipulation act, a stage illusionist, a mentalist, etc.). This model fits Cirque du Soleil’s variety act model, which contrasts with solo shows like David Blaine’s, Darren Brown’s, and Michael Carbonaro’s recent celebrity magician tours. Looking at this development in the entertainment world from the other direction of the sale is also interesting: The Works Entertainment has never only produced magic shows. Simon Painter and Tim Lawson’s production company also has Cirque Noir, Cirque Adrenaline, The Unbelievables, Cirque Paris, and A Magical Cirque Christmas under its belt. As the genres and disciplines of live entertainment continue to mix, overlap and mash-up, the amalgamation of these two companies and their magic/circus productions makes sense.

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