Magic, Circus and Music for an interview with Nantali Indongo on The Bridge

About two weeks ago, I sat down with Nantali Indongo in a studio at the CBC building in Montreal to discuss why magic continues to fascinate us. In advance of the interview I was asked to choose four songs that represent different parts of my life, which was both a fun and difficult exercise. Imagine being able to choose any of your favorite songs that will be played on a CBC radio show that anyone can link to and listen to, at anytime, all over the world. What a special opportunity to speak about my love for the performing art of magic, some of the people who continue to inspire me, and some exciting projects. Nantali, Amanda Klang, and the entire CBC team were lovely to work with and I’m happy with the resulting episode. (<– clicking this link, or the image above, will take you to the interview). Below, I’ve included links to some more specific information that you may want to reference while listening to the show and links to some other favorite versions of the songs you’ll hear in the episode:

Song #1 — Nina Simone, “I Ain’t Got No – I Got Life”, ‘Nuff Said (1968),

Song # 2 — Blackalicious, “Deception,” Nia (1999),

Song #3 — Oliver Jones, “Hymn to Freedom,” Live in Baden Switzerland (feat. Ed Thigpen & Reggie Johnson),

Song #4 — Neil Young, Guitar Solo No. 5, Dead Man soundtrack,

Song #5 — Karim Ouellet, l’Amour, Fox, (2012)

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