Magie Nouvelle: Manifestos and Magic Movements

Joe Raphael Navarro Philippe Beau Valentine Losseau

At the end of my trip to France in November, I had the pleasure of dining with Philippe Beau, Raphaël Navarro, and Valentine Losseau (pictured above from left to right). I first heard about Navarro and Losseau’s magie nouvelle movement — a circus infused new wave of magic in France — sometime in 2012. At that time, I was writing the magic manifesto that became the conclusion of my dissertation and searching for what had already been published. I stumbled upon the wonderful April 2010 issue of Stradda magazine, which mentions that Navarro, Losseau and Clément Debailleul were working on a manifesto for their magie nouvelle movement. It was a real treat to hear about the latest developments of their work and to get an update on the development of their forthcoming publication. I was amazed to hear from Navarro that roughly 60 magie nouvelle companies are currently performing 100 different magie nouvelle shows. I highly recommend seeing one — by Yann Frisch, Etienne Saglio, CLOC and others — if you visit France.



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